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The big news piece last week was a bit of an odd one, instead of it being about a rumoured new game or hardware it ended up being about how absolutely awful a game was. Aliens: Colonial Marines was nearly universally panned when it was released… but some people loved it and we’re going to take a look at them now.

We’ve always known that reviews are subjective and while some people love a title others can hate it. There are tons of examples of divisive games but never before have I seen a game release to near universal disdain and yet some people thought it was great

EGM – 9/10

Brandon Justice posted his review on the international embargo drop and shocked the industry with a score of 90%

Like most successful license-based games, Aliens: Colonial Marines is much more than a loving homage; it serves as one of the most robust story-driven co-op experiences to date. The concept definitely has room to grow, but as maiden voyages go, Colonial Marines is a clear winner.

Guardian – 4/5

Nick Cowen wasn’t as happy with the game as Nick and did point out some of the problems with the game but did in the end think recommending this game was a fantastic idea

But here’s the thing; if we take it as read that this review is simply a lengthy opinion proffered by a thundering nerd, all the score rating rests on is whether or not the person writing consistently enjoyed the game they were covering – and on that scale, Aliens Colonial Marines is a success.

All Things Xbox – 8/10

Iain Culverhouse also appeared to have experienced a different title to most when he reviews Aliens giving it a solid 8/10 and stating

Overall Aliens: Colonial Marines is a refreshing title, dodging the seemingly ever-growing list of average-poor movie themed video games.

Gaming Bolt – 8.5

John Capoza wrote how the graphics were pretty poor and the AI was abysmal and yet still thought that 8.5 was a fair score stating

It’s about time there’s an Aliens game worth playing. Aliens Colonial Marines does a great job with bringing the focus back to the original story and expanding on it. For fans of the series, Gearbox puts plenty of nodes to the movies to make you feel right at home. The art is perfect, and the game play is pretty solid, especially with the custom load outs. The performance is a little hindering but by no means a show stopper.

IT News Africa – 7.9 (now changed to 6.9)

Us locals weren’t immune to strange scores on this title with local journalist, Charlie Fripp, accidently breaking the embargo with his eye watering 7.9 for Aliens: Colonial Marines. However Charlie then committed the ultimate sin for a reviewer and changed the score after seeing everyone else’s score…

Aliens: Colonial Marines is not a horrible game, but it is definitely not going to win any awards this year. Once players get over the frustrations, drop the difficulty a notch and figure out how to work around the Unreal engine’s shortcoming, the title should keep them busy for a couple of hours.

So the reason for this post is quite simple. With an industry constantly being accused of being on the take and willing to sell out at a moments notice do you view these reviews suspiciously? Or does this just showcase exactly how subjective reviews are?

So did you spot any other reviews out there that thought this game was incredible that I missed?

Last Updated: February 18, 2013

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