Advanced Warfare multiplayer map has a game-breaking bug

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Playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare online last week was pretty much impossible unless getting merciless dominated by a horrible online ping sounds like fun. It’s improved drastically though, allowing me to actually get some decent game time in over the weekend. Just enough, in fact, to spot a game breaking bug in one of the maps.

The map in question is called Horizon, another one of Advanced Warfare’s snow capped arenas of battle. At the beginning of my Kill Confirmed match the entire team couldn’t find a single one of the opponents, until we all stumble into a room with a suspiciously full elevator. The entire team had got behind the glass door, which allowed them to shoot out and blocked anyone shooting in.

So instead of one player being virtually invincible, this room was allowing the whole team to do just that. I didn’t manage to capture footage of the game while I was playing, but a little hunting threw up this video which basically shows off what I’m trying to explain.

It also proves that this wasn’t one isolated glitch. Having this one glass elevator virtually kills the map in terms of competitive play, especially in games modes where kills are your primary objective. Whoever spawns nearest the elevator, and knows its dirty secrets, essentially wins the game against the odd few who don’t. Just like me and my entire team last night.

Bugs are common in new releases, so I do hope Sledgehammer Games address this exploit soon. Otherwise Horizon could just signal the point at which I turn off my multiplayer session and call it a day. It was a really depressing way to end off an otherwise much better online session in Advanced Warfare last night.

Last Updated: November 10, 2014

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