Amazon Germany and France list Grand Theft Auto V on PC

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Yes the rumour that simply will not die is back and just as unsubstantiated as ever. This time the rumours are being stocked by Amazon’s German and French operations who have both listed the PC versions for pre-order in the last 24 hours.

Neither the German or French sites have an expected delivery date listed yet but that doesn’t mean Amazon doesn’t have some inside information that they’ve accidently leaked as they have on a number of occasions before.

At the time of writing both listings were still live but I screen grabbed them for posterity anyway.




Unfortunately we know the listings aren’t true because our own serial leaker, BT Games, has yet to list the title so for now we have to just sit and hope. Another reason I wouldn’t give this much credence is that the title is listed for Windows 7 or Vista and there is no way Rockstar are going to ignore the tens of people on Windows 8.

I have to admit that the longer this goes on without confirmation that a PC version is coming from Rockstar the more worried I am getting that it may not happen. Not all the great Rockstar games make it to PC (I’m looking at your Red Dead Redemption) so maybe the pirates have finally destroyed the market for Rockstar?

Do you think it’s possible that it will never land or are the millions of PC gamers simply far too many to ignore?

Last Updated: January 22, 2014

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