APB For Xbox 360 Is On The Backburner

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Firstly lets get this straight… its almost definitely not quite cancelled just yet… allegedly. Got that? Apparently when APB developers, Realtime Worlds were at Gamescom, they mentioned that the title was not cancelled for Xbox 360. Chris Dye (Community Relations Manager) of Realtime Worlds had this to say:

“APB will be out on the PC first, Q1 2010. Once we’ve got that launched, we will be looking at console versions. Everything is still open to us, we just haven’t committed to anything.”

In other words if you were uber keen to jam this title on your Xbox and hoping to shove another title down PS3 owners throats… then you better look out for another title for now or maybe forever.

Source: gamingunion

Last Updated: August 26, 2009

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