Are Gearbox and Sega going to apologise?

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Dude.... breathmints

This is getting a big rumour tag slapped on it as there is very little to back it up but wouldn’t it be cool if it were true?

A concerned citizen has created a Facebook fan page/petition asking that Gearbox release a patch to repair the travesty that is Aliens: Colonial Marines. They have setup a petition page, which has a measly 256 signatures, and they are also pestering Gearbox and Sega for answers.

Earlier this weekend a rumour appeared that there may be a 8Gb patch in the works that will completely resolve all of the titles shoddy issues but unfortunately that has turned out to be false.

However according to a new post the guys behind the Facebook page have spoken to Gearbox and Sega and that a joint apology is in the works

Hi gamers. The 8Gb patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines is in fact a hoax which was posted on twitter. However, we have been able to confirm with sources within Sega, and Gearbox that one or the other, or both companies will be making an official statement this week on what happened to the game between the demo, and its official release. An apology will also be in this statement as well as details on a potential software patch. We will be following these sources very closely this week, and will provide you with the latest info as we get them. ~ Sarge

So do you think an apology would put some shine back onto the Gearbox name or is this second massive failure enough to make you worry about any future Gearbox titles?

Last Updated: February 25, 2013

Gavin Mannion

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  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    I don’t know. A sorry isn’t going to cut it for most people.

    Most would probably want refunds etc. This is a pretty big disaster considering this is Gearbox’s second time at destroying a franchise. Gearbox should stick to original IP’s. Their vision is simply too different to what established IP’s usually are

  • matthurstrsa

    Yeah, sorry isn’t enough. I didn’t buy it but if I wasted R600 on something that doesn’t work as promised, I would want cash back AND a sorry. As for a patch to fix all issues, I’m sure private citizens are hard at work on that (for the PC I mean). Sorry consoles 🙁

  • Banana Jim

    To all those consumed with anger because of Gearbox and Sega, that’s how I felt (feel) about Bethesda and Skyrim. Nothing worse than a company not taking responsibility and passing the buck of a FUBARed game onto the gamer.

    In before the usual bs about entitled gamers…

    • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

      The BS of entitled gamers argument does have some merit when the the product is actually good and there is no real reason to demand anything else.

      This however is not about being entitled little pricks. Visuals were shown that are not part of the actual game, gameplay was shown that didn’t make it in to the final product etc.

      This is a case of people demanding what was shown.

      And as for Skyrim, yeah they really need to have worked out the bugs first. There was no excuse for that.

      So glad I took the whole “I refuse to pre-order anything” stance after D3.

      • Sean Carbutt

        You are both correct here. Aliens should never have been released, well not in it’s current state. Bethseda, well they are notrious for releasing “buggy” games. In their defence though, Skyrim and Draginborne are actually both working fine now, on the PS that is. It only took them a year to sort it out. IMHO, these guys should all have a serious look at Rockstar and see just how thing s should be done – gamers games being made by gamers for gamers and taking into account what gamers want.

  • ThatManVan

    Gearbox has lost alot of credibility with me – how does one even manage to release such unpolished crap to the public and then be proud of it? First Duke now Aliens….. It better be because they hard at work on Half Life 3 or something epic…”coz personally” i wont be touching another Gearbox title until well after release day…

    • Tetsuo

      Duke was not a Gearbox games…they took the game in a broken state, made it playable and released it.

      • ThatManVan

        So… Gearbox related never the less….. feels like they (Gearbox) are on a money grab riding the hype train…

      • tridus

        So that wasn’t Gearboxes CEO up there pitching DNF before it went on sale? And it’s not the Gearbox logo on the box?

        They put it up for sale, they’re responsible for the quality of the product.

  • Deon Steyn

    They can email Bioware for assistance in resolving backlash from their clients, they have experience with ME3.
    An apology is something, they are sure as hell not going to refund the people who bought this.

  • Sir Captain Rincethis

    Screw that. The only reason they may want to say sorry is because the community has torn them a new one. I had pre-ordered this wart of a game, and am thankful a little bird crapped in my ear and warned me to rather spend the money on a night of cocaine and hookers.

    • Andre116

      R600 worth of cocaine and hookers? I’m guessing that you got the hookers in Voortrekker road. And I’m guessing the cocaine you bought would have been better suited to bake a bread with…

      • Sir Captain Rincethis

        Well, I purchased a cheap gun, held up some drug dealers in lower Obs, and then spent an evening of ill repute in Woodstock. Yes, hindsight has pointed out that having a drug cartel after me and suffering the effects of the klap MAY have been an overreaction to the piss-poor product that is A: CM, but it’s something speak about at my future kids Christening…

        • HvR

          mmm, having your member rot off while your your friendly Nigerien drug lord is cutting you a new smile and pulling out your finger nails ….. still better than playing A: CM. At least while your sitting there with your drug retarded children telling your horrific story it will have a plot line.

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            You sir have a deranged and mental mind that borders on the likes of the marquis de Sade and District 9. LIKE A SIR! Hands Bells (too early before 12 on a Monday?)

          • HvR

            I thank you Sir. * HvR takes Bells and blindly waddles down sewer *

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        And just HOW do you know what the going rate is for said hookers? Or for coke for that matter…O_O

    • HvR

      You will get ugly ass 60 year old hooker for R600, still better than the game though.

      • Sir Captain Rincethis

        My point exactly. I can live (shortly) with the STDs and bad addiction but I can’t live with A:CM on my shelf. Just can’t do it. All the other games would gang up on it and kick it off the edge. Can you imagine ME3 and Dark Souls sitting either side of this vile pile of rejected spittle? *Shudders. Bad things would happen when the lights go out ala Night at the Museum…

  • Brady miaau

    When running a business you need to very careful if and when you apologise.

    If it is a mass market product, that is even more dangerous. If they do this, can I get my lawyer to ask them for a refund?

    Nah, I doubt they will, purely on business principles.

    HOWEVER, on a moral level I think they should say that they are aware they did not meet expectations and are revising internal process’s to get more feedback into the loop, to catch these things earlier or something like that.

  • HvR

    Even the Colonial Marines posters are crap, look at the one one used for a header. That marine doesn’t looked scared he looks like he’s taking a dump after a bad batch of KFC.

  • tridus

    Hopefully people learned from this – pre-orders are designed to separate suckers from their money.

    Congratulations on being a sucker. Next time, wait for the reviews.

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