Are Gearbox and Sega going to apologise?

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Dude.... breathmints

This is getting a big rumour tag slapped on it as there is very little to back it up but wouldn’t it be cool if it were true?

A concerned citizen has created a Facebook fan page/petition asking that Gearbox release a patch to repair the travesty that is Aliens: Colonial Marines. They have setup a petition page, which has a measly 256 signatures, and they are also pestering Gearbox and Sega for answers.

Earlier this weekend a rumour appeared that there may be a 8Gb patch in the works that will completely resolve all of the titles shoddy issues but unfortunately that has turned out to be false.

However according to a new post the guys behind the Facebook page have spoken to Gearbox and Sega and that a joint apology is in the works

Hi gamers. The 8Gb patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines is in fact a hoax which was posted on twitter. However, we have been able to confirm with sources within Sega, and Gearbox that one or the other, or both companies will be making an official statement this week on what happened to the game between the demo, and its official release. An apology will also be in this statement as well as details on a potential software patch. We will be following these sources very closely this week, and will provide you with the latest info as we get them. ~ Sarge

So do you think an apology would put some shine back onto the Gearbox name or is this second massive failure enough to make you worry about any future Gearbox titles?

Last Updated: February 25, 2013

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