Are new clans rising in the DGL?

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Last year’s results were fairly predictable at the DGCs. The major Multi Gaming Organizations (MGOs) won the top awards as expected, with only a couple things going contrary to expectations. This year, we saw one major upset, and a couple clans seem to be making a name for themselves.

First up, the usual names. Energy and Bravado were still the most dominant at the DGCs. Energy picked up top spots at COD and LoL, as well as the number two slot at Dota 2; Bravado grabbed first in Dota 2 and Counter Strike, with a silver for COD. However, it’s the upset that’s most interesting.

Battlefield 4 was predicted to go to one of the top seeded teams – Bravado or xTc. For those who forgot, xTc made up the majority of that Southern Barbarians team that was top in the world for Battlefield. However, xTc only played two games at the DGC, getting knocked out of the championships early on. Bravado was also eliminated, beaten twice by APG (Aperture Gaming). APG would go on to take the BF4 championship in a major upset.

In-finity Gaming didn’t manage to grab the top spot for any game, but they did get second prize in Counter Strike and fourth place in Dota 2.

Sure, the local eSports landscape is still dominated by some familiar names and faces, but we are seeing a bit more diversity in this latest tournament. There was some controversy surrounding the BF4 results, as expected during any upset, but it’s still great to see how teams perform in the LAN championship environment – much like how international teams show different levels of performance at The International compared to other tournaments.

Beyond the excellent news that more and more clans are growing and improving, the best news to come out of the DGC weekend was how smoothly the championships ran. The organizers actually seemed calm as everything ran according to schedule and planning. With such a large scale event, it’s fantastic to hear how well organized and executed the whole thing went. Now, if only the thousands of attendees at rAge could have seen it.

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Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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