As of March 1, Hudson is no more

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If you grew up in the era when Japanese video gamer developers ruled the industry, the name Hudson Soft would be instantly recognisable. They’re the people who brought you Adventure Island, Bonk’s Adventure and of course, Bomberman. The company was gobbled up by Konami last year (making them eligible for [and included in] that woefully depressing list of shuttered developers we posted yesterday), but they’re currently a subsidiary.

Hudson issued notice yesterday that as of March 1, they will officially no longer exist.

Hudson will be completely merged with Konami, and all remaining resources will be pout in to…social and mobile games development. they haven;t done much this generation apart from making Mario Party titles for Nintendo, but It’s a terrible end to a developer that gave me countless hours of entertainment in my youth.

Good bye Hudson, and thanks for the memories.

Last Updated: January 18, 2012

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