Baldur’s Gate 3 is the long term goal for developer Beamdog

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Last week, citizens of the dedicated RPG gaming realms were positively giddy with excitement over a possible Baldur’s Gate sequel being announced. The official BG site had recently received a cosmetic refresh, complete with a massive new skull and some cryptic clues hinting towards…something.

So imagine our surprise, and some small level of disappointment, when the timer finally counted down to reveal that it wasn’t exactly a brand new Baldur’s Gate sequel that was coming, but rather an enhanced edition of the classic game from Atari and Beamdog, that includes some enhanced and original content.

And while that is all fine and dandy for a new generation of gamers that are going to dip their toes into the franchise, veteran fans are still waiting anxiously for a Baldur’s Gate 3 that may never come.

Except those very hopes may be what resurrects the classic game for a fully-realized, sequelised, outing.

“Baldur’s Gate 3 has been our long term goal,” Beamdog’s Cameron Tofer explained to Gamespy.

We have a lot of things to put in place before such a project can be launched. So currently there is no such project but that’s the one we want to do. Our thoughts have been that Enhanced Edition for BG 1 and 2 just make sense before there’s any Baldur’s Gate 3.

Tofer spoke about how recent developments in crowd-funding for games had given the project a ray of hope, as that could be the platform which would make Baldur’s Gate 3 a viable project.

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We’re totally thinking Kickstarter. It just makes so much sense and solves so many problems. I think what Brian (Fargo) is doing with Wasteland is very interesting,” Tofer said, referring to how Wasteland had recently managed to gather enough funds for a new sequel on thanks to a Kickstarter initiative.


But until then, players will have to be content with the enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate, that is due out later this year, which sports CryEngine visuals and all new content. “I think the new RPGs are great, but I don’t think they should be a replacement for classic strategic in-depth RPGs like Baldur’s Gate,” Tofer said about current similar genre games on the market.

“I think that’s what makes Enhanced (Edition) so relevant: Baldur’s Gate hasn’t been replaced.”

Last Updated: March 20, 2012

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