Battleborn’s sneaky snake assassin Pendles is out on July 28th

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Or at least, he will be for Season Pass holders. Everybody else will have to wait until August the 4th before they can get their hands on Pendles. Like Alani, he’ll cost a whopping  47 500 in-game credits, so if you want him, best you start saving now!

So, who is this snake chap exactly? We still don’t know much about his loadout (other than that he wields dual kamas made of skull) but his lore does give some pretty obvious hints at what he’s capable of. SPOILER: he’ll stab you in the back!

A cold-blooded killer, Pendles hails from the same water-world as Alani, Akopos. As most adolescent Roa do, Pendles left home to explore and learn about other cultures. Completely unimpressed with these new learnings, Pendles found more enjoyment in murdering those cultures. Even better, people would pay him for his new found hobby. Don’t let his sweet pair of sneakers fool you. This assassin will sneak up behind you, poison you, eviscerate you with dual kamas, then slink away again in a blink of his one remaining eye.

Pendles is the second of five planned DLC characters. Who the other three are remains a mystery, but I suspect we will see the first of the lot revealed relatively soon. I mean, Pendles was teased way back in May, shortly after the launch of Alani.

Anyhow, are any of you still playing Battleborn? Despite my naysaying prior to its launch, I really did end up enjoying it. I’ve not touched the game for weeks though sadly.

If you’ve been holding out on getting it yourself, now is as good a time as any. There’s a neat 2K Humble Bundle on the go, which has Battleborn, along with many other cool titles on sale for a mere $15. For a shooter that’s not perfect, but still a lot of fun and filled with madness, that really is a steal!

Last Updated: July 22, 2016

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