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Battlefield 3’s Battlelog – First images

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So, how exactly are we going to keep score of our awesome kills and magnificent achievements when the DICE developed FPS game hits our shores later this year? Why with Battlelog of course, a totally free, not in any way connected to that other massively popular FPS game that is also offering a similar service to fans. Here’s a look at what exactly you’ll be tracking stats with in October.

Website Battlefieldo managed to grab some screenshots before the content was hoisted off from a Greman site, which they promptly posted. From the images so far, its looks like Battlelog is going to be a mix of facebook and twitter, albeit one that is focused on your stats, unlocked weapons, deaths, perks and gaming history, all with a nice visual presentation.

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Beyond the friend and squad lists that allows you to manage games between each other more easily, it seems that gamers who have taken part in previous Battlefield games, will be awarded a veteran status, with comments and messages further enhancing the connectivity of this feature.

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Source: Kotaku.com, Battlefieldo.com


Last Updated: July 15, 2011

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