Battlefield 4 campaign details revealed

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The official Battlefield 4 blog has released some details about the upcoming single player campaign which sounds like it has finally been beefed up to possibly compete head on with the solid single player campaign of the Call of Duty series.

First up we have two screenshots of the soldiers

Pac attack

Name: Clayton Pakowski
Nickname: “Pac”
Age: 27
Rank: Marine Combat Lifesaver
Callsign: Tombstone 4
Last seen: Operations “Fishing in Baku” and “Angry Sea”

I'm a black Irish... obviously

Name: Kimble Graves
Nickname: “Irish”
Age: 32
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Callsign: Tombstone 3
Last seen: Operations “Fishing in Baku” and “Angry Sea”

And then the friendly guys over at Neogaf have taken the most important aspects of the campaign out the blurb, but be warned this will obviously contain spoilers for the campaign.

  • World on the brink of chaos
  • China is the tinderbox
  • Need to avoid an inadvertent spark that could lead to a global conflict
  • Play as Sergeant Daniel Recker
  • Take control of an elite group of heroes known as Tombstone squad
  • Squad is discovered while on a mission to collect intelligence from a defecting Russian General in Baku
  • Need to fight your way through Russian troops to escape
  • Once you get back to the USS Valkyrie, a Wasp class carrier, the intelligence you’ve retrieved confirms previous suspicions
  • The Chinese Admiral Chang is planning a coup in China
  • Russians would back him up if this happens
  • USS Valkyrie sets a course for Shanghai
  • You and Tombstone squad are sent on a covert mission into the city to extract a group of VIP’s
  • China is in uproar after the U.S. has been implicated in the assassination of Jin Jié, the future leader and voice for peace in China
  • Admiral Chang has canceled elections and martial law has been declared
  • US and Russian naval forces position themselves off China’s coast
  • Situation quickly escalates into a stare down akin to a tinderbox waiting for a spark
  • In Shanghai, protestors clash with police as the streets are filled with chaos and turmoil
  • Tombstone manages to find the VIP’s including a CIA field operative known as Laszlo W. Kovic
  • Kovic is with a mysterious individual that the Chinese military has been frantically searching for
  • Together with Kovic you fight your way out of Shanghai and back to the Valkyrie as countless civilians flee the city, many of which are brought aboard the Valkyrie as refugees
  • With communications dead, the Valkyrie sets course for Singapore to rendezvous with the USS Titan and the 7th US carrier group at their last known position
  • As you reach Singapore you are shocked to find a horrific scene of fire and mayhem
  • The flagship is sunk and its fleet is eradicated, and from this point on nothing is certain

So all in all it sounds like your standard shooter story but I like the idea that it is utilising a range of countries and not just being set in countries. By the sound of it the large armies of the world are all going to be playing a solid part in the campaign.

So are you excited?

Last Updated: July 19, 2013

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