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Behold this insanely detailed SPAAACE MARINE armour

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Tabletop gamers, brace yourselves. You think the hours that you spend painting a single figure for your Warhammer 40 000 campaign is exhausting? Try getting an actual suit of the armour on for size.

This behemoth of a costume project was crafted by Daniel Høgh and Justina Šniukštait? of Roses and Boltshells, a cosplay prop manufacturing business.

And just look at it. It’s absolutely sublime. It’s also made of foam, because you’d need to inject yourself with some Titan juice just to wiggle your toes inside of it if it had been made of steel. It took Daniel and Justina two months to create this, with about $2000 worth of parts.

It’s not perfect…yet, but the suit is still damn impressive. For those of you who don’t know your Eldar from your Primarch, the costume itself is based on an Imperial Fist Terminator captain. Damn, this makes my cardboard HoboCop costume look even crappier.

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

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