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Bithell Game’s next project is an FMV Solitaire Spy Thriller

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We at Critical Hit have a soft spot for Mike Bithell and his weird, wonderful game development brain. The guy has come up with some amazing ideas in the past that have translated into some of our favourite indie games. John Wick Hex was wonderful, if slightly janky, experience and Thomas Was Alone remains one of my personal favourite platformers out there. So with the announcement that Bithell Games was turning to both Solitaire and FMV for it’s new game The Solitaire Conspiracy, we’re more than a little excited to see how the studio reinvents one of the most common (and dull) PC games ever.

The Solitaire Conspiracy will task players with rebuilding a spy agency while battling against some kind of supervillain. To do this you’ll, obviously, play Solitaire while watching the action unfold with FMV cutscenes. The core games has been tweaked to allow for special cards and ability that allow players to break the basic rule set of Solitaire and, hopefully, actually make it more interesting. Mike Bithell took to Twitter last night to discuss The Solitaire Conspiracy, saying “As longtime players of our nonsense will know, we tend to mix things up between our larger projects with ‘Shorts’, more experimental games that explore side ideas or genres that we don’t get to play with in the likes of Volume or John Wick.”


He also gave us a release window of just two weeks! “’Til now, we’ve surprise launched ’em, out of nowhere. This is fun, but, you know, 2020, and it feels like we probably need to spend a bit more time building up some interest and, crucially, wishlists and follows, to give our next Short a fighting chance. We thought 2 weeks,” reads another one of his tweets. He also linked to the trailer which gives a much better look at how the game is going to play and, honestly, it looks really cool. So maybe add it to your wishlist on Steam if you think it looks cool and you want to support some of the best indie developers currently working today.

Last Updated: September 23, 2020

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