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Blizzcon 2013 – Hands on with Diablo 3:Reaper of Soul’s Crusader

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If there’s one aspect of gaming that we don’t see too much of, it’s expansion packs. Gaming calls that kind of content DLC, but it’s smaller and usually less satisfying. Diablo 3 is bringing back the extra content in 2014 with Reaper of Souls, which includes a new character class known as the Crusader. And at Blizzcon, that class made a believer out of me.

Simply put, the Crusader is built like a tank, can take a licking and still keep kicking. Compared to the Barbarian, he lacks the raw power, but a superior defense that is fortified with several buffs more than makes up for it.

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I played as the Crusader on both Playstation 4 and PC. Armed and in the mid-30s level, the Crusader has some nifty skills. Flails and maces are his weapon of choice, with shields backing up his defense. Of the abilities available, I could activate Consecration, which afforded me a circle of protection that healed my character and co-op partner, while dealing damage to any enemy who entered it.

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Steed Charge allowed me to escape having my skull turned into a marital aid while also dealing bonus fire damage as I rampaged on a fiery horse. While Fist of the Heavens called down the thundah and brought the smackdown in the form of a heavy bolt that could also chain itself to attack other minions around the original target.

Last but not least was Falling Sword, an all or nothing attack that deals quadruple damage to a single enemy, as the Crusader launches himself forward. Diablo 2 fans who spent many hours on their Paladin will most likely love this class, but at the same time, it’s enough of a departure for fans wanting something different.

Last Updated: November 11, 2013

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