Branching missions won’t haunt you in CoD: Ghosts

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Infinity Ward won’t take the same branching mission route Treyarch did in Black Ops. Instead they’ve reverted back to the standard corridor format with some added eggs of the easter kind.

Speaking with OPM, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin explained that the mission structure in Call of Duty: Ghosts will be almost “easter-eggish” instead of branching out and letting you make defined gameplay choices at specific moments as it did in Black Ops 2.

“We’re doing something a little different,” Rubin explained. “You know, we’re obviously two studios and [we] make games differently so we don’t want to just repeat what [Treyarch] has done.

I’m trying to think how I can word this correctly, We do have a way where we… it’s almost ‘Easter eggish’ – if you figure out in the level that there is something you can do, you get some other objective and some other part of the mission that you didn’t know [about] if you didn’t sort of do something”.

Now even though I liked Black Ops 2, I’m happy to see a change and an ongoing effort in the single player aspect of the game and not just a copy paste job. These kinds of missions will drive players to pay more attention to that amazing environment that has been created for them, instead of just rushing past everything to reach their objectives. Something that I’ve experienced happened all too often in previous Call of Duty single player campaigns. What’s the use of great graphics and a stunning setting, when all you do is run or drive your ass off through there?

“We don’t have the same branching system [Treyarch] do, obviously. But there is basically this way that, when you are in a mission, you might find something, if you grab it, then something opens up later in a different mission, or something happens later in that mission, that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t do them”. He continued.”

It hasn’t been revealed what exactly these items will be; the speculation is that it would probably be intel acquired through the likes of mobile phones or laptops.

Last Updated: July 17, 2013

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