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Brand new HD GTA V screenshots

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The most recent GameInformer magazine was shipped with a whole new set of high definition Grand Theft Auto V screenshots along with some interesting information used in the titles of each of the images.. all the images are listed below, just click and browse the gallery to read the extra information.

Before major heists, players must conduct several side missions to prep. For this mission in particular, you must pick up boilers suits, choose masks, collect the vehicles necessary for the job, and find a spot to hide the getaway car With a land mass 3.5 times the size of Red Dead Redemption, the world of Grand Theft Auto V is absolutely massiveWhen the shootouts begin in missions with multiple characters, you can switch between them freely Certain boats contain scuba equipment, which allows you to search the ocean bed for shipwrecks and other points of interestRockstar has added destructibility to certain objects in the game, like these construction barriers The Ballers and The Lost return to GTA V, bringing two very different gang culturesThe wanted system has changed slightly in GTA V. You can still outrun the copys by staying out of their line of sight, but you can also find good hiding spots to wait them out Some missions require a character to serve as a lookout, using binoculars to spot an incoming threat or the target for the heistGTA V contains the largest skybox Rockstar has ever created for a game, giving you plenty of room to fly planes around Players can spend their hard earned money on luxury cars, helicopters, marinas, and even businessesEach character has stats that can be upgraded in categories like strength, shooting, stealth, driving, flying and lung capacity For Grand Theft Auto V, players can customize their vehicles on a scale similar to Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Things I’m excited about

  • An open world 3.5 times bigger than Red Dead Redemption
  • Flying
  • Masks… I don’t know why I just am

Things I’m worried about

  • Underwater levels
  • Swapping characters
  • Overly boring side quests

That’s me, so what are your thoughts?

Last Updated: May 8, 2013

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