You can now make GIFs directly on your PS4

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Sharefactory supports gifs now

If there’s one facet of the current console competition that I don’t think anyone can debate over, it’s about how exceptionally brilliant the PS4 is at handling sharing functionality. There’s simply nothing easier than hitting the Share button to upload a screenshot or video to social media instantly, while its suite of video editing tools allowed for some easy (if not limited) control over your media. That is expanding into new territory with an update to ShareFactory, which will now allow you to create your own GIFs.

As part of an update for the PS4 Pro, ShareFactory now offers tools that allow you to make a 9 second long GIF from any footage you’ve captured in-game. The tools will let you easily select a starting point in your footage, and automatically snip out nine seconds from there. After that, you can use scrubbing tools to shorten the clip further, should you just want a minor loop of gameplay.

Along with that, you’ll be able to overlay some text over your footage too to make your very own memes. Because honestly that’s all that was missing from the PS4 at this point.

This new feature comes with PS4 Pro specific features on ShareFactory, which will now handled 4K screenshots and better video for console owners to edit. You can use those in a new Photo Mode, that lets you collect up to six screenshots into a collage with some fancy borders. It’s the sort of stuff that I’ll personally never use, but hey options are options.

But it’s another step forward in the PS4 realising just how players like to share their gameplay experiences in the modern age of social media, as it pulls ahead of everyone else in that regard. I can’t wait for Twitter to be flooded with new gameplay GIFs soon.

Last Updated: November 10, 2016

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