Can we expect Gran Turismo 6 to be announced tomorrow?

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The huge PlayStation event is starting at 1am tomorrow morning and while most people are expecting the PlayStation 4 to be announced it is fair to believe that we are going to be hearing about a lot more than simply one platform.

The PlayStation 3 is likely to receive a price cut alongside the Vita and there will be a big push of the current PS3 killer titles that you aren’t going to want to miss.

But I am also expecting them to announce the launch title for the PlayStation 4 and what would a PlayStation launch be without a Gran Turismo title launching alongside it. Or at least attempting to.

Gran Turismo 5 had a long and difficult development process but in the end it has sold millions of copies and is still the defacto standard when it comes to racing simulators and there is no reason to believe that it will be the end of the series.

This latest video from Sony showcases their pride in the Gran Turismo series and leads me to believe (along with others) that we will be seeing Gran Turismo 6 announced early tomorrow morning.

Last Updated: February 20, 2013

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • ALKi1234

    Where’s Lans now days???

  • Deon Steyn

    All this hype….. It’s like kids talking up what they are going to get for christmas and then its christmas morning…….

    • Sean Carbutt

      LOL, ya the rumours just keep coming. Oh well another crappy game for my crappy console with it’s crappy graphics card and old technology. Jeez, them ubber PC guys must be loving all the crap us console gamers are getting

      • Deon Steyn

        Gran Turismo = crap?

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        Nah man, we will console you in your sadness 🙂

        • FoxOneZA

          There’s Project Cars coming to PC but the question is when.

          • OneManRiot

            And To PS3 and to Xbox… Expected date November 2013

          • Tetsuo

            Ah, didn’t see your post.

          • Tetsuo

            To PC, PS3, Xbawks and Wii-U actually, and I suspect en of the year most likely.

            It seems exceptional!

        • Dutchman vas PS3

          I need to upvote more!!! Why only once?!?! WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!? But still, I’ll be consoling The Last of Us.

    • ALKi1234

      And what if……just what if all the hype is true,we will know tomorrow.One thing i do know,i don’t wanne be at the receiving end of “i told you so”.

      • Deon Steyn

        I’d be very happy if all the hype is true. But that’s the problem with hype.

  • hopefully, GT5 was possibly the most boring game ever released.
    the only reason it sold was because it was gran turismo and the ps3 budles…

    • Tetsuo

      So much ignorance in such a short post.

      • im sorry, I cant have been the only one who played the first ones to death, then watched the release trailers as they came out thinking “wow, realistic rain and snow and cool stuff, look at those graphics, so amazing”
        then actually playing the game and thinking “but where is this amazing rain? why does the snow look like white sand? why does my car look like a block? why does this feel like im driving a minivan?”

        • Tetsuo

          Look, I get what you are saying, but the current version of GT5 is a whole different beast than on release day. Also, online races are where the fun is at.

          GT is a driving simulator. It shows and let you experience all the different nuances of different cars. I loved (and still do) taking a car out on Green Hell and driving time trials, feeling how each car (especially different iterations of the same car) feels and handles different. GT never was about the single player races.

          “why does this feel like im driving a minivan?” With Gran Turismo Academy being such a resounding success, I don’t feel it is really necessary to point out that your are wrong. I’ll do it anyway, you are wrong. If you play with a decent wheel, there is nothing like it on console.

          I accept that it is your opinion that the game is boring, and that is fine. But your allegation that the game only sold well because of its reputation, I cannot accept. The game in its current state is a true classic.

    • Prolific

      Yeah, so boring it sold almost 10 million copies, with about 70 mil for the series.

      • its gran turismo, thats like expecting CoD to not sell a billion copies.

        • Prolific

          Then forget about about sales figures and reviews and look at longevity. Some games may have polarising qualities, good sales but bad reviews and vice versa (there’ve been a few around of late), and perhaps some of the appeal of GT is that you know what you’re getting – a racing simulator. Says it right on the box. There are still millions of people actively playing GT5. Just because you don’t like simulators doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t – you could say the same for MS Flight, etc. And even if you reckon its a niche game, you’ve got to admit, its a big niche.

          Regarding your forum comments – you expect everyone to act the same? Or same as you? Forums, by their nature, are debate hotspots. Because labelling a game “boring” seems subjective.

        • Fail fail fail.Racing simulator and no fun in one sentence.

        • mornelithe

          Yeah, unlike CoD, Gran Turismo generally throws in a ridiculous amount of content AND they continuously support their IP. Yes, there’s paid DLC, but more importantly, they refine the engine and release version updates. As far as the industry is concerned, that’s an alien concept for most.

  • FoxOneZA

    Here’s we go again with the most over-rated and over-hyped game in history.

    • Banana Jim

      You mean forza? Yes i agree, Forza is overrated.

      • FoxOneZA

        Yes……… I mean

        Gran Tourismo’z 😛

        • Banana Jim


    • mornelithe

      Yeah….no, that title belongs to CoD MW+

  • OVG

    NO GAVIN, I know you are trying to bring LANS out from the crowd but I think he left this site for good when he found out that FORZA 4 had head tracking and Jeremy Clarkson :p

  • Eetcarr

    I think the success of GT Academy speaks for itself. Really now.

    • Banana Jim

      GT Academy has been a phenomenal success, and it also helped that they released a GOTY version of GT5 last year for a fraction of the price.

      • FoxOneZA

        With paid DLC too. Pity I’m not gonna sit through the original and see if 5gigs of updates are worth it.

        • Banana Jim

          5gigs download over half a day on a 1meg line. 😛

          • FoxOneZA

            LOL, Half a day? More like 2 nights.

            Maybe I should do the downloads then Jimster?

          • Banana Jim

            Yep, I’d say it’s worth it.

          • Banana Jim

            lol, meant a day and a half… damnit, lack of tea makes me stupid… 🙁

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