Charitystream raises $1500 for Johannesburg orphanage

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Almost two months ago we reported that Daniel Matros, global community manager at DICE started an independent charity stream to raise money for orphans in South Africa. Since then Matros and now partner Tim Kjell has driven the project to raise $1, 500, delivered it first hand to The Fountain of Love Children’s home in Johannesburg and made a documentary.

Since the start-up of the project, Charitystream has brought on partners such as Razer, XMG and Utopia Computers and added a bunch of awesome people as part of the collective including musicians, eSports writers and game designers. They’ve also launched an awesome new website and regular give away awesome prizes to people who watch their stream and donate. Razer has also announced that they will be partnering with Charitystream to raise $3, 000 for Season 2 as well as give fans a chance to win some awesome Razer peripherals. 

Matros, Kjell and an variety of guests stream their games for three hours a night every weekday and as a result of their dedication and time spent, could take a total of over R13, 800 to The Fountain of Love Children’s home. If you want to support this initiative, you can check out the official Charitystream website or contact them on Twitter: Daniel Matros @zh1nt0 and Tim Kjell @stormonster. Have a look at the Charitystream Season 1 documentary below.

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Last Updated: April 22, 2013

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