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We have all safely arrived in Cologne, Germany. Despite each taking a different route into the city thanks to Gavin’s impressive travel booking skills, we were reunited and happily set forth in our journey to cover Gamescom. Here is everything you need to know about our set-up

For this trip, rather than stay in a fancy hotel, Gavin chose to book us a “posh” apartment. It isn’t too close to the venue, although the joy of Germany cities is that as long as you’re sort of in the right area you can get around on foot or tram relatively easily. So, without any further ado, let me reveal our glorious basement apartment that is pure and clean and totally devoid of any air conditioning or fan.

Nice, don’t you think? As I keep reminding Geoff, at least it’s clean. And I’ve seen way worse when I was a student in Europe. That said, the booking place claims it can sleep six people – we are assuming they are referring to six very close friends. Yesterday was rather exhausting what with travel and grocery shopping and sorting out getting where we needed to be at specific times. Today is press conference day, where Matty and I will attempt to gate crash the Microsoft conference and otherwise just wander around the city until Geoff finds us and forces us to work again. Considering yesterday wasn’t even a conference day, I’m officially opening up the floor for you guys to bet on how many steps we will take tomorrow and the next day:

The rather cool Xperia Smart Band will be part of my reporting of the events – I honestly want to share with you guys how much I sleep and walk and work. However, considering Geoff’s insomnia, he might be more interesting to stalk. Do you guys want me to keep wearing the Smart Band, or should I place it on Geoff or Matthew tomorrow?

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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