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Check out these next gen water physics

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There’s a lot of confusion around what the next gen is really going to bring to gamers as virtually everyone is pretty happy with the quality of graphics in the current gen games and there really isn’t much room available for another huge leap in graphical technology.

A few weeks ago Darryn posted an article on the amazing hair effects of the next gen processors and now I’ve stumbled across one of the most impressive water/liquid demo videos I’ve ever seen.

If these are the sorts of water physics we can expect to see in the next generation of titles then I may finally start enjoying water levels again in games. As long as I can stay above the water.

By far the most impressive thing for me was how the aquarium emptied. It looked so natural, especially when it changed direction with new holes. Granted the glass physics need some work but that can be left to another team.

So what do you think, would water physics like this make a real surfing game a true possibility?

Last Updated: April 23, 2013

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