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COD: Black Ops DLC Escalation. Value for money say Treyarch.

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For those (myself included) who chose to boycott the Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike map pack because the price seemed like another quick stint to make some good money off of the hungry hordes of COD fans, you will be happy (sarcasm) to hear that our unwillingness to participate in the offer does not seem to have discouraged Treyarch in the slightest.

Surprise, surprise.

In fact, not only has Treyarch got another map pack in the pipeline but according to First Stike community boss Josh Olin, the Black Ops map packs offer a good deal for their price. Olin insists that the value for money comes from the fact that the 4 additional stages are not revamped for multiplayer from the single player campaign, and that the addition of ziplines and destructable bridges gives gamers the chance to experience new game play mechanics.

Olin further reiterated his point by pushing the Zombie map additions, saying “In fact, every new Zombie map we’ve ever made for DLC, it’s more than just a few maps – new weapons, new enemies, new traps – and so it’s more than that.” It would seem that in time the COD fans have come around, or got used to it, as Olin explains. Apparently the new value for money map pack entitled “Escalation”, is scheduled to arrive on May the 3rd, and since the chaps swimming up stream did not seem to make enough of a splash, “Escalation” will almost certainly be downloadable at the customary price.

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Last Updated: April 15, 2011

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