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Dead or Alive Extreme 3 features bikini malfunctions and natural tan lines

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The Dead or Alive fighting game franchise was one of the games that got me back into gaming on the original Xbox, the easy-to-use fighting mechanics and fun co-op gameplay turned it into something the wife and I played extensively.

However the guys behind the game quickly realised that a lot of their clientele were maybe more interested in seeing some pixelated semi-nude ladies than any actual fighting and the Dead or Alive Extreme franchise was born.

Obviously this franchise has caused some disconcertion in the industry for years with many people seeing it as a flagrant disregard for women and calling for the franchise to be sanctioned. However the sales have been steady and as such Tecmo Koei has continued developing the Dead or Alive Extreme and pushing the boundaries of pixel nudity further and further.

The latest version of the game will be released in Japan this coming Friday, and has possibly the oddest and most childish gimmick of them all. Wardrobe malfunctions. Oh and natural tan lines. Obviously the second feature is closely related to the first.

The way it works is that if you lose your water-based tug of war, no not that type you depraved soul, and you fall off into the pool there is a chance of your bikini or bikini bottoms slipping and showcasing some of that all-natural pixelated pale skin.

When I first saw the news I honestly thought it was a joke… but no here we have some screenshot examples.


But obviously nothing is quite like the real pixelated thing. Just be careful on the sound as the Japanese weird lady screams sound remarkably like something very NSFW.

But I’m sorry to say for any of you in the Western World you aren’t going to be able to pick up a copy of this at your local store as Tecmo aren’t releasing it outside of Asia, which in itself has caused a huge internet storm in a tea cup.

Play Asia started the storm with the following tweet.

Basically, they’re saying that the current Social Justice Warrior trend in the Western world is the reason Tecmo aren’t releasing it here, but in reality it is far more likely to be related to the pitiful sales of previous DOAX titles in Europe and America. The last one reportedly sold just 246 thousand copies world wide. 

Japan has a different view of the way women can be portrayed and their, to us, unusual views are nudity and sexuality don’t sit well with our more conservative views. I personally dislike the fact that people feel they have the moral right to condemn the people behind these types of games and the people who play them. Morals are simply societal rules and with society varying so much across the planet any attempt to play the moral police is hypocritical at best and malicious at worst.

Oh and most importantly, the bikini malfunctions can only be seen in the PS4 version, sorry Vita people.

Last Updated: November 25, 2015

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