Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta Videos

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I was unconvinced by EA’s decision to add multiplayer to Dead Space, a fantastic survival horror that stands as one of the finest single player experiences I’ve had this generation.

Now, thanks to videos Gametrailers released showing the multiplayer from both the human and Necromorph points of view, I remain completely unconvinced! After the jump you’ll find two videos; one from the perspective of somebody playing as humans, and the other as the Necromorphs. I can’t help but feel that the multiplayer’s been unnecessarily shoehorned in. It seems they’ve tried to do the necromorph gameplay similar to playing Left 4 Dead as the zombie horde – but just haven’t nailed it. Playing as the undead aliens seems stifled, clunky, and flat-out boring.

Check the videos out, and let me know if there’s just something I’m missing.

Last Updated: September 30, 2010

Geoffrey Tim

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