Design Graffiti For Crackdown 2. See It In The Game.

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Here at Lazygamer we applaud anyone who just outright comes out and says that they are really Lazy and couldn’t be bothered to do something, like Ruffian Games.

Ruffian Games needs Graffiti for Crackdown 2 but aren’t really in the mood to make any, that and the fact that they aren’t really in the mood to actually pay for any work either.

So here’s the deal.

Make your graffiti, send it to Ruffian and you could see your awesome work in Crackdown 2, right next to crack addict or prostitute!


* Get your submissions to us in time, we need them by Wednesday the 9th of December

* Do not submit someone else’s pictures without permission. We don’t want to be tied up in a legal battles with spotty teenagers claiming we ripped off their work because you copied your entry from underneath the Staines underpass (the one near the chippy, not the one by the roundabout).

* Keep it clean. However tastefully or lovingly rendered goatse or tubgirl pics aren’t going to end up in the game

* Submission format: 1024 x 1024 images please. Format doesn’t matter that much. PNG is nice.

Link to competition page: HERE

Thanks ShackNews

Last Updated: November 26, 2009

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