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Destiny 2’s PC beta is coming on August 28, with 4K visuals and an unlocked frame rate

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Later this month, Destiny 2’s beta opens up to PC gamers – finally giving those on that platform a small taste of what millions of console gamers have been playing the last few years. While the game regularly draws many parallels to PC favourite Warframe and they are indeed similar, Destiny’s core first-person shooting is superlative.

The game itself is coming to the PC on October 24, but those who want to try it out beforehand can do so during the beta, which starts on August 28. Those who’ve pre-ordered get to play on that date, while the beta opens up to everybody the following day. The beta will run through that weekend, and give access to the Homecoming story mission, a single co-op Strike, and the crucible: Destiny’s competitive multiplayer.

Bungie has made some changes to the beta since it ran on consoles, modifying the way matchmaking works, fixing bugs and glitches, and changing the scoring system for PvP matches.

Here’s a shiny new trailer for the PC beta, reminding us all that the game will be able to run at a glorious 4K, with an unlocked frame rate.

We’ve managed to get some hands-on time with the PC version, and it looks stunning.

“Visually, Destiny 2 looked superb. Compared to the 30fps setup on the PS4 Pro, seeing the sequel running with all cylinders blazing at a silky-smooth 60fps was magical.

Frame-drops were non-existent, even during the more intense moments of the opening story mission that saw the Red Legion invade the Tower and reduce it to rubble. From a purely technical perspective, Destiny 2 was beautifully optimised for the stage on demo that day.”

Take a look.


Last Updated: August 16, 2017

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