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The Division developers have to keep PC version “in check” to be fair to consoles

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The Division is coming next month and – though it may not look quite like the target renders Ubisoft showed off at E3 a few years back – it’s an incredible looking game. Especially on PC, where the bleeding edge in PC hardware helps elevate the game well beyond what the current consoles are capable of producing.

In a new interview, the developer has said what PC fans have always said: that consoles are holding PC games back.

“One good thing about The Division is we’ve always considered the PC as a separate platform,” the developer said speaking on a Team Epiphany preview (via NeoGAF). “We do have to keep it in check with the consoles; it would be kind of unfair to push it so far away from them. But it’s been good having a dedicated PC build for this game. ”

“I’m really happy that we’re pushing the PC build as much as we are; there’s a lot more customized options than the console,” he added.

It’s another example of developer Ubisoft Massive espousing the PC as a platform.

“PC is incredibly important to us,” Creative Director Magnus Jansén said in an earlier interview. “There are plenty of incentives to do a good PC version. Personally it’s important – I play on PC whenever I can and I want the thing they play at home to be the best possible version. That is not to be underestimated as a driving force. Secondly, both of the studios, Massive and Red Storm started out on PC so it’s a matter of pride, or heritage and pedigree if you will. We feel kind of ashamed if we don’t do the PC version really well. It really is something that we care about.”

Don’t be sad though, consoles gamers. The Division will be one of just a handful of console games that allow users to fiddle with the sorts of settings that Pc gamers are accustomed to. In the same video, it’s been confirmed that console gamers can tweak lighting and visual settings for an increased framerate.

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

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