DmC’s got some kick-ass combat

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Last week, Capcom revealed that Dante’s brother Vergil would make his way in to Ninja theory’s westernised take on its combo-heavy fantasy brawler – but they also did something a little more important; show of a lot more gameplay than we’ve seen to date. the new Devil May Cry a game that has many people in two minds; It looks incredible but fans are worried that Ninja Theory hasn’t managed to nail the game’s most important aspect; its fast and frenetic combat.

Somehow, incredibly, Ninja Theory’s managed to impart their own style on the franchise, while leaving its “feel” intact. I can happily report that while the game’s taken on a entirely different aesthetic, it feels just like Devil May Cry. If you weren’t one of the 275000 Gamescom attendees who had the chance to play the game, here’s a video showing the same bit of gameplay on offer at the show.

Last Updated: August 20, 2012

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