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Ghost Recon: Do you believe in ghosts? Part Deux!

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I had some hands on time with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at Rage last year along with some handholding from Pierre de Margerie and it has been burned into my consciousness from that point on.

The game looked and felt incredible even with such an early build and while I’m not yet sold on the multiplayer aspect of the game I am thoroughly looking forward to taking out some terrorist scum with my crack team of trained killers.

Ubisoft has just released the second in a series of three video’s explaining the abilities of your crack team along with the equipment that you have at your disposal.

There’s a lot of mention of Osama bin Laden without any confirmation that we’ll be attempting that very same epic raid ourselves but I truly hope we do get the opportunity.

I wouldn’t mind being allowed a second bonus target of taking out the huge Pakistan army intelligence base up the road that still to this day swears it didn’t know the most wanted man on the planet was living down the road from them.

Oh and as a complete side note, I’d like it if Ubisoft would remove the Tom Clancy name from their games now as it’s becoming increasingly clear that he really doesn’t do much with them anymore

Last Updated: March 9, 2012

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