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DOOM’s SnapMap is the most exciting part of the game so far

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Doom SnapMap is incredibly complex

It’s becoming somewhat common for games to give us players tools to create our own adventures with. More and more games launch with some sort of sandbox creation mode, or a light map editor, allowing pretty much anybody to get their hands dirty with creativity. Doom is going that route too, but its SnapMap toolset looks more like an intuitive map engine than simple creation mode.

SnapMap will be the only thing close to mod tools released for the game, but it also seems like it won’t matter. With it, players across all three platforms (yes, console too) will be able to create custom multiplayer maps, single-player experiences and more. The engine allows you to mess with the nitty gritty things too, such as spawn times, AI behaviour and enemy pathing. It is, quite frankly, a far more in-depth editor than should probably be possible with limited, thought out control parameters.

It’s difficult to imagine just what Doom players will create when SnapMap launches, given that the complexity of the engine doesn’t exactly limit creations to just running and gunning. Sure you’re still forced to create something where the main character has a gun – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be the core focus of what Doom custom levels have to be about. You only have to look at a game like Super Mario Maker ( a game where you literally can only run and jump and shoot the occasional fireball) to see how creativity with these robust tools have no bounds.

And that’s a little more interesting to me than the core Doom experience, because it gives the game a shot of longevity that other shooters can often only dream about. Doom is bringing back the fast, twitch-based shooting in both single-player and multiplayer flavours, but the levels that will litter the servers days after launch might be the ones that truly make the game exciting for everyone.

Last Updated: September 7, 2015

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