Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay shows combat and power

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Dragon Age: Inquisition had better live up to my expectations. Everything I’ve seen and experienced of the game has been wonderful, and this latest nine minute video of gameplay footage looks rather impressive. There are tons of things to do, and I’m excited to try them all.

Youtuber rechyyy (clayman90) was invited to EA to play an early build to Dragon Age: Inquisition and captured nine minutes of gameplay. Here’s the video:

It’s great to see more of the exploration and combat, although it still looks so flashy to me. Every activity seems to cause a particle effect or random spark of colour; sure, it makes the game look pretty, but it just doesn’t feel like violent combat to me. Still, I love seeing all the extra missions that have appeared, as well as the side activities. It’s clear that there will be a ton to do in the game to build your power – not just grow your character but also your Inquisition’s power.

The game certainly looks gorgeous, too. I am glad to see more and more of the game, although I’m ready for it to just release already. It’s time for me to get my hands on it again instead of watching other people play, or only getting to explore a tiny piece of the game. I wouldn’t mind seeing some more about the characters and plot, too – it’s great to know about crafting and combat, but I’m drawn to Bioware games primarily for the characters and story lines.

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Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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