Dragon’s Crown sold out in Japan

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I posted up an article last week about how sexist the game design in Dragon’s Crown was which a lot of people appeared to take offence to. I wasn’t saying it’s a bad thing I was simply pointing out that the game has massively over-sexualised some characters.

Well unsurprisingly the gamers in the land of the rising sun were definitely not offended by the design and have actually been buying the game in droves.

According to dualshockers the game has actually sold out at pretty much all of the main retailers and out of all the retailers checked, only 2 still had stock ready to ship and both were marked as low stock on the systems.

It’s nice to see there is still an appetite for games that aren’t AAA shooters or RPGs and that the fun in gaming hasn’t been destroyed just yet.

Last Updated: July 29, 2013

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