Dreamhack CEO gets the boot

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Giant Boot

Dreamhack is one of the biggest eSport events on the gaming calendar. It takes place twice a year in Sweden, bringing together the best teams from around the world to take part in the festival. The CEO was recently sacked, just a month before the winter leg of the event kicks off.

Now ex CEO,  Robert Ohlén, was booted following some sort of internal conflict (Polygon via Daily Dot):

Robert Ohlén, the long-standing CEO of the European computer and esports festival DreamHack, has been “relieved of his duties,” according to Fredrik Nystrom, the company’s head of public relations. The decision comes after an internal power-struggle that has seen key members of the board at odds with the public face of the company.

Ohlén sent a choice tweet before it was public knowledge, alluding to him losing his position. Ok, not alluding, it seems pretty darn blatant looking back on it now.

There are no further details regarding the matter. According to Nystrom, a new CEO has already been recruited internally, and will be announced sometime today. It is speculated that the former event manager, Markus Lindmark, is the replacement. The following tweet from Ohlén seems to confirm it.

Lindmark hasn’t tweeted since the 11th of October. I’d imagine his twitter feed has gone crazy following this drama. Dreamhack Winter 2014 will take place from 27 – 30 November. Assuming he is the new CEO, Lindmark has barely a month to make sure things run smoothly.

As for Ohlén, what will he do now? Apparently being fired has its benefits…

If only the same applied to my situation. I get fired daily, yet my follower count remains as low as ever.

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Last Updated: October 27, 2014

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