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Drugs Are Bad: WoW Addict Gets relegated to a Retreat

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And so it has begun, gamers in the states and other countries are being hunted and stalked by some kind of higher power. Apparently these guys believe that we should be playing outside… bleh. Okay so fine I think kids and human beings in general should gets some sun on their pasty legs, some fresh air in their lungs and even some genuine face-to-face interaction with other human beings.

But gaming is fun and often better than the real world so what’s the problem then? Irresponsible gamers who just don’t know when to say “no” and quit hunting after that next XP or ‘level up’ or who just have to unlock one more achievement. So if you’re one of those guys who’s best friends names are CyberWartog69 and DushBlindSpot26 or GuyPreTENDing2Bgirl789 and you spend 88 hours of your weekend playing games or worse… MMORPG’s then maybe you should make some changes. Nothing too big at first… maybe a few LAN sessions with actual people.

Otherwise be warned that you may be hunted down by the before mentioned powers and thrown into some 12-step-gaming-addict-rehabilitation-retreat-program just like this 19 year old American boy. He was recently sent off to reStart Internet Addiction Recovery Program in Washington state.

His treatment will consist of a 45-day stay at this lovely resort and take part in the many activities like camping and other wilderness adventures. Apparently this ‘holiday’ will set patients’ parents back about $14500 or £8800 and the retreat is even open to outpatients looking for a break from their ‘overreliance’ on internet pornography, gaming, computers, internet boobs and all the other good stuff the world has to offer.

Now apparently this grade-A resort expects to see many men between the ages of 18 and 28 but don’t take my word for it, hear some information from Hilarie Cash, a psychotherapist at reStart:

“We are a cold turkey place – no technology,” said Hilarie Cash, a psychotherapist at reStart […] A gamer is not going to be allowed to game any time they are here because it is the gaming that is their drug of choice […] We are not anti-technology. It is about helping people addicted to technology get through the withdrawal and help their brains get wired back to normal and connected to the world in a positive way.”

No thanks reStart, I prefer living my life in a massive world of possibility I like to call ‘gaming’ awesomeness and maybe denial but I promise no MMORPG’s. I wouldn’t go to WoW even if I knew the way… sorry.

Source Telegraph

Last Updated: August 27, 2009

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