EA recommends drowning your Sims

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WTF is this

I’ve obviously woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning as one of the first emails I saw this morning had the subject “Rejoice! Pools are Now in The Sims 4!” and that just irritated the hell out of me.

Pools have been in The Sims for years so adding them into The Sims 4 weeks after release just feels like a cheap marketing ploy to get extra media attention. And yes that is exactly what it is doing but for entirely different reasons.

First up we have this new trailer:

The trailer is rated M for Violence and Sexual References. I dare you to find a sexual reference in the video. And don’t tell me that two people having a quick kiss at the end is sexual reference. That’s just life, people. The overly sexually conservative Americans are really getting on my nerves with their moral police. They’d have an absolute heart attack if you actually saw real nudity in this game but building a wall around a pool and watching everyone die only to have a little girl laugh and dance in delight is okay? How absolutely psychotic is that?

Then the ghosts come back to life and everyone dances and has a great time. Why don’t we see any public backlash against The Sims from Fox news and the rest of the moral outrage brigade. You know why? Because it is bright and colourful. The same way that people loved the rave scene while hating on the metal scene. Because the ravers wear bright coloured clothes and seemed all nice and polite while chugging down the illegal drugs by the handful.

Metalheads, Goths and the like looked scary but in reality were more focused on drinking than anything else. I’d much rather see my kids playing Call of Duty than The Sims.

Bah humbug, and with that, my grumpy old man morning rant is over.

Last Updated: November 5, 2014

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