Earthworm Jim is returning! Groovy!

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Earthworm Jim

I can safely say that there is no person alive who did not enjoy the Earthworm Jim games from the 16 bit era. They’re classic, goofy and groovy fun. And you can’t keep a good megadrile down, because Earthworm Jim is making a comeback…in the Boogerman game.

Despite some genuine passion from its creators, the Boogerman 20 Anniversary game is nowhere near to being successful. Out of the $375 000 needed to make this game a reality, only $23 898 have been pledged as of the time that I wrote this.

So what’s a developer to do? Why sweeten the pot a little, and add in some extras. For the new $40 pledge tier on the Boogerman Kickstarter, players can now get a two-player co-op mode that will have them flinging boogers with Earthworm Jim in some exclusive levels.

It’s a cool idea. But quite frankly, I’d dig to see a Kickstarter for a new Earthworm Jim game in lush new visuals more than a Boogerman remake at this point.

Last Updated: October 24, 2013

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