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It wasn’t too long ago that we underwent a bit of a redesign, and moved our servers from the Germany back to South Africa. It was an attempt to make the site a little more modern, a little more fresh and  being locally hosted, a little faster for you. For a very, very short while, it seemed to go okay. Yes, there were (and yes, still are!) issues with the site’s layout and formatting but it mostly worked. And then something funny started happening with our server.

I’m sure many of you, over the past few weeks, have been slapped in the face with a message about being unable to establish a database connection. Or perhaps you’ve hit our Cloudflare cache and been kicked in the nuts with week old news. If you have been able to access the site, it’s been slower than Darryn before his morning cup of tea.

It sucks, and we’re really sorry.

Why it’s happening

There’s something quite wrong with out shiny new server. It has 12 CPUS and more RAM than you could ostensibly use, yet there’s something amiss with it. For some reason, our SQL database is hogging up all the CPU, almost all the time. We’ve tried all manner of things; fixes, patches, new configurations, enabling plugins, disabling plugins, sacrificing goats to deities and yes, turning it off and back on again – all to no avail.

It not only locks you out of the site, but us too – so we’re trying to get articles up on to the site without really knowing if they’re there, if they’re scheduled to go live or if they’ve been lost to the ether. We also have no real way of editing them, so excuse us if there are even more  typos than usual.

It’s got us staring at the server’s resources, while trying to put content up.

What we’re doing about it

We’re building a new server, and having people who do server migrations and are SQL and Apache experts set the whole thing up. Hopefully, within the next week, we’ll have it completely sorted. We have top men working on it. TOP MEN!

From there, once everything is working, we’ll do our utmost to start addressing the lingering complaints and issues with our site layout.

You guys rock

Those of you who’ve tried to stick it out through the headaches and frustration of trying to connect, it’s difficult to put into words quite how much we appreciate it. Without you – the guys who come and read the stuff we put up every day – we are nothing.

Thanks for struggling through it all. Thanks for your patience and understanding. And for keeping us alive. We’re really sorry it’s happened at all, and hope it’ll soon be all behind us.

Last Updated: October 2, 2014

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