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Essential Reading – Deus Ex Human Revolution

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It’s no secret that we’re all big fans of that flawed masterpiece, Deus Ex Human Revolution over here. But we’re also comic book fans, except for Gavin, who will refuses to pay up for two dozen pages of pretty pages and speech bubbles.So what happens when one of our favourite hobbies collides with one of our favourite games? You get this little gem of a prequel, which helps set up the events of the game itself.

A bridging point to certain events in the game, DE:HR also sheds more light on Adam Jensen, and his life before a one way trip through a solid wall left him in nee of several augmentations and new limbs.

It’s all about Jensen, why he was so hesitant over augmentations in the first place, and his spotty history with individuals who embraced that technology, becoming corrupted in the process.

But unlike the game itself, there’s no attempt at crafting a story that goes deeper into those murky issues of trans-humanism and technology going too far, presenting instead a stock standard action tale from writer Robbie Morrison, with your obligatory tough girl character/love interest thrown in for good measure.

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Still, while the story may be average, one has to give artist Trevor Hairsine some credit, as he nails the look of the game completely, over six issues. From the look of the cybernetic world around him, through to Jensen himself, Hairsine gives an otherwise mediocre tale some real teeth, as his work goes from subtle to kinetic over the course of the story.

DX:HR isn’t a crucial comic book to have, but it does provide a decent entry into the franchise for people who want to know more about a world on the edge of a massive social shift. It may not have much substance, but gee golly, it sure does look real purdy.

Last Updated: July 23, 2012

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