Evil Gamestop Empire Strikes Down Free Speech?

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GameStop_bling Earlier this month Nick reported on a Gamestop ex-employee that decided that he had had enough of the internal politics and non-transparency of what really goes on behind the scenes at Gamestop.

The ex-Gamestop employee know as “whistleblowerzero” created  a series of videos in the same style as the Yahtzee Zero Punctuation reviews to expose the retailer and the terrible things that they do, as well as express to people that they should be shopping elsewhere.

Well, it looks like the Gamestop Empire has retaliated, find out more after the jump.

It seems that Gamestop has gotten wind of his exploits and have swiftly used their corporate muscle to have his YouTube account suspended, most likely for exposing them as a company of underhanded money-grabbers. While we don’t yet have any proof that GameStop are the ones behind the accounts suspension, it is highly probable that they are the ones responsible.

Thanks to “juniorwhistler”, a disgruntled consumer with no affiliations to either party, that brought this to our attention in the comments section of Nick’s story.

For all you lovers of free speech out there, his videos are available (for the time being) on gametrailers.com, as uploaded by daxter241, JohnRazor, and probably a few other people by now.

It’s a sad day in gaming when you realize just how badly Gamestop are apparently ripping off the consumer and the fact that they have the may have the corporate clout to just shut people up. I’m sure the whistleblowerzero videos are not going away any time soon but whether they have the impact to actually make Gamestop rethink their relationships with their consumers or not is another story.

The fact that Gamestop might think that they can just have his account suspended without any problems is rather sickening though, don’t you think?

Last Updated: September 30, 2008

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