External adverts appear on the Xbox 360 Dashboard – Internet explodes

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I must warn you there is a video after the break that may cause great anger, distress and emotional sadness. It is apparently so virulent that millions of people around the world right are now so angry that the Internet itself may explode from the hate that it needs to transport.

The video depicts what happens when you let a corporate capitalist company develop a video game company with online functionality. I am talking about online ads, it is true… They have final landed on the NXE in all their fury.

Their fury being a little puppy in a pretty non obtrusive block that you are more than welcome to watch or scroll past.

I understand that people are upset that they need to pay for Xbox Live and then still see adverts, wouldn’t it be nice if the network were free and the adverts didn’t exist. Or if we paid the adverts went away… or if the adverts paid for us.

All the options are nice and would make gamers happy… (lol like that’s ever going to happen). The point is that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are in this business for profit and all of them will jump at any chance they can to make more profit.

If that chance negatively affects me then I am going to whine about it, if it’s non obtrusive then I really don’t care so much.

Imagine what’s going to happen when we start getting adverts displayed while we wait for our game to load, it is the latest trend in Internet advertising so it’s not like the precedent hasn’t been set and accepted by the public.

Apparently the other major issue is the fact that NXE windows just happen to the a standard size for Interactive Advertising Bureau adverts… somehow I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: July 21, 2009

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