Facial Recognition For PSEye?

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Sony has confirmed that their SCEE R&D team and a few other developers have developed some new facial recognition software to go with the PSEye camera. Kish Hirani (head of developer services) stated that they’ve “got a wealth of libraries available” and expressed that the new tech has been “a lot of fun in the office”.

Apparently the new tech will be able to identify the position as well as direction of the subject’s head and even be able to tell the gender and age of the subject. It can detect various parts of the face i.e. the nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows and even glasses… you know all the things you would expect a facial recognition program to be able to do.

All-in-all I guess its just one more thing gamers can fiddle with, like making your avatar look around in the Xbox 360 Dashboard. I’d love to see what use they’d find with all of this, maybe it would just allow you to play with yourself in more interesting ways.

Source: casualgaming

Last Updated: July 17, 2009

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