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Fantasy Flight Interactive to close

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When it comes to gaming, most people would probably agree that electronic games are far more popular and profitable than board games. After all, not only do more people play electronic games but with the high cost of producing board games (and that’s already excluding salaries and graphic design costs) and a more niche (but growing) audience, it’s understandable that board games are seen as less profitable or even less viable from a business perspective.

Which is perhaps why many big board game publishers look to run interactive divisions to try to also get a foothold into the market. If you follow game news (and you do because you’re reading this) video game development itself is expensive and fraught with many challenges also which make it a difficult industry. So perhaps there might be cause to heed to the old saying of stick with what you’re good at.

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This is sadly something which Fantasy Flight Games appears to be learning as the company has announced that they are closing their Interactive Division and will lay off some people in the company, along with some from its less profitable RPG tabletop division. According to Gamasutra, up to 10 people have been laid off where they could not find a home for people. Fantasy Flight Games is one of the most successful board game publishers in the world but trying to convert that into Interactive success was a step too far and so the company is choosing to rather focus on keeping its main business afloat.

It’s never great to hear news of people losing their jobs and our thoughts go out to those affected because of this. However, it’s perhaps best that the company looks to keep the rest of its business operational and remain focused on giving the world high-quality board games. And more Warhammer and Cthulhu. You can’t go wrong with that.

Last Updated: January 8, 2020

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