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FFD: Microsoft needs to bring its “A Game” to next gen

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Right. I’m sure many of you are sick to death of the PlayStation 4 news following the systems reveal early yesterday morning. It’s brought about some pretty mixed reception – with some believing Sony hasn’t shown or done enough, hasn’t utilised enough tech, or has just copied Nintendo (again).

I’m on the side of the fence that believes Sony very nearly knocked it out of the park; it’s got a beast of a console with ton of interesting features – but above all, it has a genuine focus on games, gamers and game developers; an ethos that I believe will really help Sony when the next-gen battle really starts.

I was wowed – and I think Microsoft’s going to have to do something really special to swing momentum back its way. With the company so seemingly set on the evolution of Kinect and entertainment services over actual videogames, and a rumoured set of specs for its next console that are significantly lower than the PlayStation 4 ‘s the next box is going to be a hard sell when it comes to “core” gamers.

Microsoft’s become complacent with its 360 success, and is  going to have to bring its A game when it reveals its own next generation console.

Do you agree? What would you like to see from the nextbox that would have you favouring the Redmond giant’s console over Sony’s?

Last Updated: February 22, 2013

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