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FFD: What games would you pay a premium for?

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Not all games are created equal, yet for the most part, they’re priced equally. We live in a world where Ninja Gaiden 3 costs the same as Far Cry 3; Where Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City cost the same as Sleeping Dogs. Awful games shouldn’t cost the same as great ones, but they do. In fact, it looks like things might be going the other way, and we might be paying more  for the good ones.

Putting aside the fact that charging extra for games that somebody has decided should be coming at premium is a bit of a dick move, and that needlessly paying more for something leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, what games would you pay premium for?

I’ll say that with the amount of play I got out of Borderlands 2 and the time I’m getting out of Far Cry 3 I’d be less inclined to moan about paying extra for them. What are your premium games?

Last Updated: December 14, 2012

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