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Fight evil with fashion and love in First Person Lover

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No, this is not the Oculus Rift porn game you’ve been waiting for. Last year, we briefly – so very briefly – heard about a new first-person shooter game coming from Bjorn Borg. Yes, that one – the guy you known from that sport that involves hitting fuzzy green balls with Tennis bats or something. I forget what it’s called. Anyway, his eponymous fashion label has, together with developer Isbit games, made a first person shooter game that focuses on love and yes, fashion, instead of death, violence and hatred.

“We started off at Isbit Games just producing some small games and then we got a call from Björn Borg and they wanted to do a game with the intention of doing something with the first person shooter genre,” said Isbit’s Markus Koos. “And people at Isbit Games have been working on first person shooters for quite a while in different projects. So we got really excited to do something different with it. Cause Björn Borg has this statement of making the world a better place with love and that was a perfect match to do something different with the first person shooter genre. To do love instead of violence.”

The free-to-play shooter is available on PC and Mac right now, is a vehicle for the latest bit of Bjorn Borg couture, features guns that kiss people, and naked men riding on bears. Positioned as the antithesis to games like Hatred, you’ll get to “fight the forces of evil with the power of love”.Here’s the launch trailer.

Last Updated: January 29, 2015

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