Final Fantasy XV is making one major change to combat

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Final Fantasy XV is getting a being combat change

Final Fantasy XV boasts a variety of weapons that your merry band of friends can use in battle, but they don’t work in the sense that you might expect them to. In Episode Duscae, weapons were switched on the fly during battle, being mapped to specific attacks rather than having their own individual sets of their own. It worked, but director Hajime Tabata has now looked at it again and made some drastic changes.

And it all starts with one new feature – being able to switch weapons yourself during a battle.

Gone are the attack specific links to weapons, replaced instead with a quick equip system that lets you cycle between four different weapons on the fly. They’re mapped to the PS4 directional-pad, and now feature their own weapon specific attacks, whether it be a Break, Slash or Rush. This will fundamentally change Final fantasy XV’s combat in a major way, especially when held up against the demo.

In the demo your combos usually comprised of a Break, followed by a Slash and finished with a Rush. This sequence locked down which weapons were used, which means dynamic switching would require a more than a small rework. Tabata has stated however, that weapons can no be switched mid-combo (ala Bloodborne’s weapons transformations, I guess), and players can now pull off entire attack chains with one weapon alone.

It gives me the sense of a more hack and slash orientated combat system, but we have yet to actually see it working live. Still, it sounds pretty great – especially since it’ll probably add a lot more depth to combat rather than the game switching through weapons for you.

Final Fantasy XV is still meant to come out in 2016, but it’s good to see that important changes like this aren’t being overlooked to push a release date.

Last Updated: October 1, 2015

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