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Final Fantasy XV will have over 200 quests

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I’m cautiously keen for Final Fantasy XV. Odin knows I need something to make me love that brand again, because I can’t play Final Fantasy 8 for a tenth time and I missed out on Final Fantasy XII from the ol’ PS2 days. And don’t even get me started on Final Fantasy XIII, a trilogy of humdrum boredom that saw my A button on my controller worn down to the rubber nubs.

Final Fantasy XV looks like the fresh start that I’ve been yearning for. Years in the making, and with a main character who vaguely resembles Sasuke from the Naruto series who wields a different kind of magic than what I’m used to in this franchise. Essentially Final Fantasy: Advent Children, the game. I’m dead keen to learn more about it.

Which I just have! And I’m going to share that knowledge with you, like a cheese sandwich at lunchtime that has started producing what I call “the dairy sweats”. Game Informer’s April cover was revealed, and it was all Final Fantasy XV all the way. New details on gameplay, story and progression were revealed, some of which was collated on NeoGAF. Have a read below:

Gameplay details

  • There’ll be branching decision, similar to older FInal Fantasy dialogue choices
  • Magic synthesis creates new spells
  • Ability points can be spent on improving Noctis and his party
  • There are over 200 quests in Final Fantasy XV so far, divided along the lines of main story, monster hunts and regional quests
  • Other quest types include mini-games such as fishing and Chocobo racing
  • According to Tabata, there are no intentions to continue the Final Fantasy XV universe through sequels
  • Weapons include swords, daggers, lances, firearms, shields, royal arms, spells, and something called “machines”
  • Each party member has their own “special talent”, such as photography, fishing, cooking and survival instincts
  • Summons have different actions every time they’re called into battle, such as a Titan landing melee blows in one fight or throwing boulders in another
  • Summons are meant to feel like a major event, not just another quick monster drop
  • Summons will also act differently in dungeons than in the overworld
  • Game Informer describes Final Fantasy XV as similar to the pre-PS2 era of games as “your quest log isn’t bloated by insignificant or uninteresting tasks”
  • Kingsglaive, the upcoming animated tie-in film, has existed since 2013
  • Weapons can be improved with materials


  • Final Fantasy XV starts with the car breaking down after the opening sequence
  • There is a prologue chapter
  • Ardyn shows up early on in the game, telling the gang that the ferry to Altissia is suspended
  • Noctis and his pals only find out about the invasion of Altissia after seeing it in a newspaper
  • Final Fantasy XV will have a central villain, much like Final Fantasy VII had Sephiroth as a primary antagonist

Final Fantasy XV is finally out on September 30. Unless Square Enix pulls a fast one, and then faces the combined fury of one massive mob of Final Fans on their doorstep.

Last Updated: April 6, 2016

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