First GRiD 2 pre-alpha, work-in-progress code footage

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So Codemasters is giving us a first look at GRiD 2 and it looks awesome! The Chicago video features a street racing stage where muscle cars, including the Camaro SS, Z06 Corvette and Boss Mustang, race through city streets and chase through tunnels.

GRiD 2 is making its consumer debut at this week’s Eurogamer Expo where some very lucky people can get their hands on some game time with the game. Codemasters are boasting a variety of awesome features for this game, adding the flashback feature so many racing games have adopted and apparently will be setting some new standards for damage, AI and visuals.

The California Coast video follows a head-to-head, point-to-point duel between a contemporary Boss Mustang and a classic Mustang Mach 1 on a tight and twisty sprint for the line. All the footage is pre-alpha, work-in-progress code footage, so there is hope for this game.

Last Updated: September 27, 2012

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