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First real gameplay footage of Gran Turismo 6

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So after the local PR and media disaster of the GT6 embargo yesterday we can get back to normal life and get back to reporting on the facts of the matter and not simply opinions and feelings.

Nah who am I trying to kid, it’s about opinions and feelings, if you wanted facts you’d actually read press releases.. and be the only person on the planet who reads that rubbish.

So Gran Turismo 6 was officially revealed last night along with this super sexy prepped video.

Which while looking incredible doesn’t really show us much about the game itself, thankfully Sony aren’t being overly protective over the title this time and allowed the media at the event to take some direct capture video to show off.

Which is exactly what the guys at GTPlanet have done and here we have a full 5 minutes of true gameplay including replays and the all new sexy suspension system.

If you missed all the finer details of what the new GT6 will include then stop stay calm and click here, we’ve got you covered.

So Xbox fans, are you impressed or is Forza still a better simulator? PlayStation fans, is this enough of a leap from Gran Turismo 5 to make you head out and pick it up or are you going to wait for the inevitable PS4 version to be released? But wait that’s not all.. for being so beautiful/handsome this morning I’ve decided to throw in three off screen images sneaked out of the event for free and for nothing. Here you go

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Last Updated: May 16, 2013

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