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Freedom in the next Beyond Good & Evil game

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been teased for so long, but at least tidbits are coming more steadily these days.  While we aren’t even being given indications of to what extent they’re working on the game, at least we know that when it comes it will go beyond good – you will get freedom!

In an interview from IGN with Michel Ancel, creator of Beyond Good & Evil, he explains that their ideas for the sequel were simply too large for this generation of consoles.  They didn’t want to scale back on what they wanted to create, which means the next gen might finally feature the new game.  It’s not just about size, though:

“More than ‘bigger,’ it’s the freedom we want to give to the player. In this kind of game, while you’re investigating, you don’t want to investigate in a story that has been written by the developers. My feeling is that you want to investigate with your own way of investigating. I like the freedom of choosing your vehicles, flying away with the spaceship and all those things. It was in Beyond Good & Evil 1 but it was not as much as we wanted. I like the fact that if you want to fly from one city to another, one planet to another, it’s something that you should be able to do. That freedom and the world of Beyond Good & Evil is very challenging to do.”

I really like where they’re going with this new Beyond Good & Evil.  I just hope that they actually make the game – it’s about time!  Also, Ancel should be done with Rayman Legends by now seeing as it will be releasing soon – time to crack the whip and start working on his other cult classic.

Last Updated: July 18, 2013

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